The Rock Show

Premiere DateNov 23, 2012
Categories Media Music
00:00 Mic Break
01:43 Not High Times New Viking
03:35 What Else Is New List His Name Is Alive
06:01 Unknown Unknown Artist
07:17 It's Soon Be Done Otis Wright
10:03 I Wonder If I'll Ever See You Again The Leopards
12:27 Parari'i Pararara'i Tamari Tahiti
15:03 Mile High Teams
18:49 Mirda Rock Reggie Griffin and Technofunk
26:08 Mic Break
39:00 Don Juan The Embarrassment
41:08 Unsung Monogamy
45:46 Ma Slug Guts
48:58 Sanction Smith Royal Trux
53:55 Tree Chopped Down The Swirlies
57:05 Fallen One Dove
64:33 Mic Break
69:16 Finish

Nov 28 2012 – Local Music Show – Ann Arbor, MI

Times New Viking

The Embarrassment

With over ten years of radio experience, Patrick K. is one of BTR's most-seasoned personalities. Accordingly, he hosts of some of BTR's most celebrated programs. His focus is on the deep, dark (and frequently…