The Rock Show

Premiere DateOct 12, 2012
Categories Media Music
00:00 Mic Break
02:46 I Am Not a Game Ty Segall and White Fence
06:50 High School Roaches Bass Drum of Death
09:27 We Got the Beat Eddy Current Suppression Ring
12:07 No Good for You Terry Malts
14:57 Plastic Skin Lost Sounds
18:11 Afraid to Look John Paul Keith
21:14 Without You Now Limes
25:00 Cryin' Rooster Boom Chick
27:27 Mic Break
37:30 Forest of Love Secret Cities
39:44 Grown Up Sea Lions
42:17 Just a Creep   Dum Dum Girls
45:11 You Broke My Cool Pond
48:59 Diddy Eyes Mister Heavenly
52:35 Break My Heart La Sera
54:40 Christmas In a Chinese Restaurant Diamond Rugs
58:19 Mic Break
63:05 So Far Away A Place to Bury Strangers
65:56 Finish

Dum Dum Girls
October 14 – Corona Capital Festival – Mexico City, Mexico
October 17 – Converse Rubber Tracks – Brooklyn, NY
October 18 – Terminal 5 – New York, NY
October 20 – Pvd Social Club – Providence, Rhode Island
October 21 – Brighton Music Hall – Allston, MA
October 23 – Chronic Town – Pittsburgh, PA

Terry Malts
Nov 04 2012 – The Echo – Los Angeles, CA

La Sera

With over ten years of radio experience, Patrick K. is one of BTR's most-seasoned personalities. Accordingly, he hosts of some of BTR's most celebrated programs. His focus is on the deep, dark (and frequently…