You don’t need AI technology to do evil, with Poingly!

Premiere DateOct 5, 2019
Categories Indie Music Rock
00:00 // Sponsor + intro
01:17 // Some form of love
21:50 “As Nice As, As Cute As” Poingly
24:28 // Fleshy gross real eyed buggy looking nightmare fuel
31:32 “Buio” Ganser
34:33 // Our first AI music reaction
43:12 “I Could Be There” Sui Zhen
48:12 // Definitely some great ideas here
55:17 “Crashed Cars (Radio Edit)” Devarrow
58:20 // We figured it out, he’s a robot.
61:04 “Never Let You Go” Georgia
64:50 // Tambo left channel
67:41 “One True Pairing” One True Pairing
71:10 // OTP OTP OTP
71:23 // Outro
72:00 // End

NY musician Poingly has been fairly quiet for the past few years, but he returns with new music fueled by AI and deep learning – we talk a bit about that, our history, and do the usual listening and reacting to new music! 

Check out Poingly’s new  “As Nice As, As Cute AS” music video.

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