What now?

Premiere DateMar 21, 2020
Categories Indie Music Rock
00:00 // Sponsor + Intro
01:15 // We’re doing things a bit different.
02:34 // Henderson Cole / The Alternative
05:07 // The Music Digest
05:59 // Ciarra Fragale
08:15 // The Music Digest
09:19 // Kyle Forester
10:54 // The Music Digest
12:08 // Nehedar
13:56 // The Music Digest
15:05 // Stephen Perry / The Planes
16:12 // Carlo Minchillo / Brooklyn Drum Collective
16:53 // The Music Digest
18:55 “End Of The World” Worriers
23:01 “One Good Day” Control Top
26:21 // The Music Digest
27:43 “Survivalist” Thurlowood
30:41 “Marigold” Kyle Forester
34:27 “72” Smokey Brights
38:26 “Cool For A Second” Yumi Zouma
41:31 // The Music Digest
42:54 “Nude Prince” Activity
47:02 “Breathe” Pale Blue
53:38 “Love Spell” Picture One
56:25 // The Music Digest/ my fake label
58:43 “Mega” Superorder
61:10 // The Music Digest outro
62:28 // END.

This week, we’re doing things differently. We have calls from members of the indie music community calling in with their stories of how the COVID-19/Coronoavirus pandemic has affected them and their music, including Henderson Cole of The Alternative, Ciarra Fragale, Kyle Forester, Nehedar, The Planes, and the Brooklyn Drum Collective. Then, we check out brand new music from Worriers, Control Top, Thurlowood, Kyle Forester, Smokey Brights, Yumi Zouma, Activity, Pale Blue, Picture One, and Superorder.

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