Week of 09/17/16

Premiere DateSep 17, 2016
Categories Indie Music Rock
00:00 Theme from the Music Digest
00:37 Mic Break
05:34 Blunt Claws Hate Week
07:57 Mic Break
13:41 Cape Lookout The Exaggerated Sighs
18:50 Mic Break
24:35 Yo Chavez Yussef Kamaal
28:33 Mic Break
33:18 What Makes A Man Start Gorse Fires So Cow
36:25 Mic Break
44:09 Birthplace Flock of Dimes
48:21 Mic Break
54:17 Sad Eyes Minidresses
56:50 Mic Break
62:24 Flames and Figures The Seshen
64:52 Mic Break
72:35 Look At What Happened CE Schneider Topical
74:42 Finish

Today your hosts react to songs by Hate Week, The Exaggerated Sighs, Yussef Kamaal, Minidresses, Flock of Dimes, So Cow and The Seshen

Hate Week split

Hate Week

Hate Week

the exagerrated sighs cape lookout

Cape Lookout

The Exaggerated Sighs

Yussef Kamaal Black Focus

Black Focus

Yussef Kamaal

So Cow Lisa Marie Airplane Tour

Lisa Marie Airplane Tour

So Cow

Flock of Dimes

If You See Me Say Yes

Flock of Dimes


Sad Eyes


The Seshen

Flames and Figures

The Seshen

CE Schneider


CE Schneider Topical

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