Week of 08/27/16

Premiere DateAug 27, 2016
Categories Indie Music Rock
00:00 Mic Break
06:26 Winners Delicate Steve
09:44 Mic Break
15:53 KJ2 Justin Kelly
17:52 Mic Break
22:31 Unit A Violent Change
25:17 Mic Break
29:58 Nobody (prod. Ohbliv) cutfather
31:28 Mic Break
37:01 A-OK! Cosmonauts
40:01 Mic Break
47:06 Move On (prod. Fredfades) Charlotte Dos Santos
49:36 Mic Break
54:55 Domino Mary Sparrow Steeple
58:06 Mic Break
63:22 Trisha Please Come Home Advance Base
67:01 Mic Break
73:47 What's Not Mine Cate Le Bon
81:14 Finish

Today we check out tracks from Advance Base, Charlotte Dos Santos, Cutfather, Delicate Steve, Justin Kelly, Cosmonauts, Sparrow Steeple, and Violent Change!


Cosmonauts - A-OK!

Cosmonauts – A-OK!


Delicate Steve - Winners

Delicate Steve – Winners


Advance Base - Nephew in the Wild

Advance Base – Nephew in the Wild

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