We Created The Thing? With Maryanne Ventrice

Premiere DateAug 5, 2017
Categories Indie Music Rock
00:00 // Sponsor + Intro
00:39 // Welcome…
01:02 // The truth is ridiculous enough
05:43 “Woodbine” Bulkhead
12:23 // I can just imagine photographing that band
16:11 // Do you have any stories to tell?
22:33 “Resume” Dasher
24:27 // More rosé means this turns into an art interview.
31:46 // Let’s go back to Dasher / Jagjaguwar don’t mess around
35:06 “You Give Way” Laucan
38:36 // It was very pretty.
39:47 // The reason Maryanne doesn’t need to go and shoot concerts anymore
42:11 “Peaceful Ghosts” Mappe Of
46:20 // R2D2’s hanging out!
48:49 “Scorpion Glue” Naomi Punk
53:02 // I like when a band self-identifies as music group
56:00 “Your Cat” Slaughter Beach, Dog
59:16 // You just feel really nauseous at the end
60:05 // Outro
65:31 // End.

Our friend, native Brooklynite, and photographer Maryanne Ventrice fills in for JLM this week, and provides some insight on knowing what shows look like just by hearing the music, burning the candle at both ends, and rosé. We’ll take your comments at (408) SUB-INEV.

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