The Pre-Taped Call-In Show

Premiere DateJul 22, 2017
Categories Indie Music Rock
00:00 // Sponsor + Intro
00:40 // Welcome…
01:07 // Hey, here’s a technology thing!
02:27 // Going to the past, with voicemail. Call in! 408 SUB-INEV or 408-782-4638
04:28 // A dramatic reading of the Google Voice transcription of our first voicemail
07:46 // Long time listener, second time caller, with a suggestion and a question
13:30 // Can you explain what you’re doing to me?
16:32 "Defend Yourself" Twinsmith
21:04 // It kinda looks like 3 Post Its
24:15 "Protest Song" Broken Social Scene
28:26 // You would Instagram that
34:13 "Slow Down" Art Feynman
37:15 // It doesn’t look like a residential building
39:57 // What’s Michael’s prize?
41:42 "End Of The World" The Memories
44:18 // Something you’d draw on a note to a friend in school
50:18 "Second Chance" Lucy Rose
53:33 // A blurry violin?
57:29 "Blue Magic (Wakiki)" Son Little
60:56 // Very identifiable as Son Little.
63:39 // Outro…
63:48 // FINISH.

The Music Digest receives not one but two calls from our #1 fan, Michael (our guest on the show from April 8, 2017), and J picks all the music based on the cover art. You can call us too! Dial 408-SUB-INEV or 408-782-4638 and get your voice and/or a poorly transcribed version of what you said read on the show!

Bryan B and JLM started co-hosting BTR's Music Digest podcast in November 2016. They used to be in a band, too, we think...
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