The Smallest World In The World… with Ana Becker

Premiere DateJun 10, 2017
Categories Indie Music Rock
00:00 // Sponsor + Intro
00:40 // Welcome…
01:05 // This is what candy sounds like
05:06 “Vapor” Ryan Massad
08:53 // I’ve never Googled you
27:34 “Space Medusa” Shadowgraph
31:36 // Another long fade...
48:32 “Love Is Dead” Hazel English
51:58 // Wikipedia and modern metrics of success
58:07 “J Station” Adult Mom
60:38 // Someone left a radio on
68:14 “Hand Of Redemption” Jambinai
72:48 // The opposite of a long fade.
77:26 “Out Of Touch” Fruit + Flowers
80:39 // outro
80:46 // FINISH!

While JLM is away, Bryan sits down with Ana Becker of the band Fruit + Flowers to check out some music and chat about bands, nostalgic record shops, candy, time travel, and the beauty of finding a music community.

Bryan B and JLM started co-hosting BTR's Music Digest podcast in November 2016. They used to be in a band, too, we think...
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