That Was A Long Walk For That One

Premiere DateMar 18, 2017
Categories Indie Music Rock
00:00 // Sponsor + Intro
00:38 // Welcome…
00:49 // + apps + sharing
00:58 // If you can hear my voice...
03:07 “Darling” Real Estate /// off of In Mind, out 3/17/17
07:12 // Slicker than what they normally do
11:24 “Witness” (feat. Benoit Pioulard) Lusine /// off Sensorimotor
15:45 // Release notes on the BTR Today app, and a little music talk
22:29 “Death Spiral” Dirty Projectors /// s/t LP
27:28 // J is accused of not appreciating real art
32:26 “Instant” Emel /// Ensen
36:24 // It’s a tie so far
39:38 “An Ever Jarring Moment” Cameron Avery /// Ripe Dreams, Pipe Dreams
45:09 // That friendly epic that beats you over the head
48:44 “Turning The Screw” Generationals /// single
53:08 // For some reason we talk about Pogo instead of Generationals.
56:53 “Carstairs” Parlor Walls /// Opposites
60:00 // Outro…
60:49 Finish.

Things get a bit more critical, sushi gets eaten, J’s brain doesn’t work, and we talk about almost everything except the songs we’re listening to! Good times! But the question is… do we win? You’ll have to listen to find out!

Bryan B and JLM started co-hosting BTR's Music Digest podcast in November 2016. They used to be in a band, too, we think...
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