Premiere DateFeb 18, 2017
Categories Indie Music Rock
00:00 // Sponsor + intro
03:14 "Tintin on est bien mon loulou" Aquaserge
09:11 // Legitimate french
15:39 ”Cut That Out" Oak House
19:01 // Bryan tells a gross story.
27:41 "Nothing Feels Natural" Priests
31:33 // We debate the term “punk”
36:08 ”You Felt Comfort" Tim Darcy
39:14 // Riding a deep wave of noise
45:45 ”Hayati" Tinariwen
49:01 // Everything else is world music?
54:15 ”It's Easy (Like Walking)" (feat. Kurt Vile) The Sadies
58:11 // There’s a lot of rural Canada
61:17 ”Back On The Grid" POW!
63:27 // Winning so much I’m tired of winning!
64:16 // Finish.

This week on the show we take a first listen to tracks from Aquaserge, Oak House, Tim Darcy, The Sadies, and more.

Bryan B and JLM started co-hosting BTR's Music Digest podcast in November 2016. They used to be in a band, too, we think...