This Week I’m Not Alone, with Gabriel Birnbaum

Premiere DateNov 23, 2019
Categories Indie Music Rock
00:00 // Sponsor + Intro
01:25 // Introducing Gabriel Birnbaum
08:20 “Blue Kentucky Mile” Gabriel Birnbaum
12:59 // About “Not Alone”
15:54 “Gilly” Kate Teague
19:06 // Never go to the 1
22:01 “Waist” Black Grapefruit
25:00 // So, so dense
29:55 “Level Up” Drakulas
32:21 // Consoles and tonsils and streaming numbers
43:00 // More vibraslap!
48:01 “Fortune” Wye Oak
51:49 // A new album coming, we hope?
54:48 “Geology Dreamer” Hurt Valley
59:18 // You may also like...
62:14 “I Feel Like Crying” Ryan Egan
64:47 // Where do you find these people?
68:17 // outro
68:55 // end.

We have our first returning guest! Gabriel Birnbaum visited the show back in August of 2018 around the release of his band Wilder Maker’s album, Zion, and now he’s back with a solo record, Not Alone (Arrowhawk Records), so he’s sitting down to talk a bit about that project and to check out some other new music with us. We get into brand new tracks from Kate Teague, Black Grapefruit, Drakulas, HOOPS, Wye Oak, Hurt Valley, and Ryan Egan along the way!

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