This is always where this is going, with Lottie

Premiere DateNov 30, 2019
Categories Indie Music Rock
00:00 Intro
01:14 // Lottie is becoming an alien
10:26 “Flowerhead” Arbor Labor Union
14:40 // Should we just stop here?
18:50 “In the Abstract” Libel
21:58 // The drums go in the basement
27:11 “Ohio River” Caroline Says
30:27 // Lottie and The Might Ohio
35:04 “Girl” Girl Ray
38:32 // We’re on an 80’s vibe
44:10 “Dig Deeper, Peanut” Tuff Sunshine
47:52 // Slide on in, peanut
52:17 “The Perpetual Optimist” Luke Lalonde
55:10 // The oughts are going country?
59:18 “Second Act” Varsity
63:19 // Jangly guitars!
64:10 // OUTRO
64:47 // end.

Our esteemed music director Lottie is back for another guest spot on the show, checking out new tunes from Arbor Labor Union, Libel, Caroline Says, Girl Ray, Tuff Sunshine, Luke Lalonde, and Varsity!

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