The One With All The Long Tails, With Jeanette D. Moses

Premiere DateDec 7, 2019
Categories Indie Music Rock
00:00 // Sponsor + Intro
01:20 // Music from the future
04:35 “Surprise” Kevin Krauter
08:17 //Antidepressants for the ears
11:21 “Sunseeker” The Naked and Famous
15:09 // Another summer jam?!
20:20 “Limbs” Fassine
24:29 // Cinematic is the word
31:15 “Migration of Souls” M. Ward
34:42 // Stumbling towards the grave
46:37 “Slumlord (Clean Edit)” Baxter Dury
49:58 // murder shoes?!
56:44 “Cyrano De Berger’s Back” X
59:46 // sounds so fresh
62:55 // OUTRO!
63:32 // END.

For the last full new music episode of the year, our first special guest since the departure of J – another J named Jeanette D. Moses – joins us once again to listen to and react to new singles! We’re getting into it about songs from albums that will be released in February, March, and April of 2020 – way in the future! While you listen, why not check out the new photoblog featuring some of the band portraits Jeanette has taken for us in 2019? Later, scope out the music video we mention for the single by The Naked and Famous that you’ll hear in this episode!

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