The Music Digest for September 7, 2020

Premiere DateSep 7, 2020
Categories Indie Music Rock
00:00 // Sponsor + Intro
00:52 “Winter's Maze” Slight Of
04:28 “In Your Eyes” Anjimile
07:32 “Dumb Driver” IAN SWEET
10:29 “Sun Gun” The Arthur Brothers
19:50 // mic break
20:33 “Half Alive” Hey, King!
25:08 “Crimson Star” Hen Ogledd
30:18 “The Floating Hand” Body Double
36:03 “Words To Say” Grant Pavol
39:07 “Wasted” Tomberlin
41:35 // mic break
42:24 “Even True Love” Widowspeak
47:00 “Nobody for Me” Felix Hatfield
51:36 “Kind Stranger“ Corey Flood
54:19 “Teal” French Mouth
56:45 “Tao Bom” Bebel Gilberto
60:03 “Night Vision” Fever Queen
62:29 “Phosphorescence” Speaker Face
67:48 // mic break.
69:28 // end.

I don’t know where all this music is coming from lately, but I’m sure glad it’s winding up in our ears. New tracks from Slight Of, Anjimile, IAN SWEET, The Arthur Brothers, Hey, King!, Hen Ogledd, Body Double, CHAI + Hinds, Grant Pavol, Tomberlin, Widowspeak, Felix Hatfield, Corey Flood, French Mouth, Bebel Gilberto, Fever Queen, and Speaker Face!

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