The Music Digest for September 21, 2020

Premiere DateSep 21, 2020
Categories Indie Music Rock
00:00 // Sponsor + Intro
01:13 “Real Love” Beat Radio
05:26 “In the Heat” Paper Tapes
10:16 “Truth Nugget” Helena Deland
14:00 “Rom-Com" Peel
16:44 “Enchanted Forest” Mock Suns
20:45 // mic break
22:32 “Jerrymorganpark” MOZIAH
25:31 “Lightning” Dex Wolfe
27:46 “Desperate” Anna McClellan
29:46 “Play On” Photo Ops
33:04 “Lonely Listener” Rae Fitzgerald
36:07 // mic break
37:16 “Enough” No Thank You
39:59 “Buddies” We Are Joiners
41:48 “Upbeat Ritual” Osees
43:59 “Men” MOURN
47:06 // mic break
48:18 “Candy” Marques Martin
51:23 “I Didn't Know” Alex the Astronaut
54:00 “Skateboarding Day” Eyedress
56:23 “Part Time Lovin” LCG & the X
59:26 “Dizzy Crazy” Tada!
62:39 // mic break
63:25 “Larvae Love” Weekend Lovers
66:37 // outro
67:43 // end.

This week we’ve got singles from some favorites: Beat Radio, MOURN, Osees; new discoveries: We Are Joiners, Paper Tapes, and Peel; plus much more great new music from recent and upcoming releases.

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