The Music Digest for September 14, 2020

Premiere DateSep 14, 2020
Categories Indie Music Rock
00:00 // Sponsor + Intro
01:17 “True Fear” Extra Special
04:22 “Eugene” Arlo Parks
08:01 “Lemonade (feat. Alfie Templeman)” Circa Waves
11:39 // Mic Break
12:38 “Maybe” The World Famous Grassholes
15:29 “Mood Ring” Snaex
21:51 “Wrong!” Radical Kitten
23:46 // Mic Break
24:46 “Follow Through” Motenko
27:39 “Talk of the Town” Lawn
31:04 “Personified” Optic Sink
35:25 “It's Just You” Okey Dokey
38:58 // Mic Break
39:52 ‘Semula” Yves Jarvis
42:46 “Moon, If Ever” Dirty Projectors
45:00 “Wonder” Lomelda
47:07 “Little Baby Dead” Miranda Winters
50:44 “LA” Delicate Steve
53:17 // Mic Break
54:28 “Florist” Ilithios
58:15 // outro
59:12 // end.

This week we’ve got more great new singles, a special block of music from Maine-based artists, and a few album tracks to balance things out.

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