The Music Digest for October 5 w/ Carlo Minchillo

Premiere DateOct 5, 2020
Categories Indie Music Rock
00:00 // Sponsor + intro
01:43 “Die” True Dreams
03:22 // Carlo Minchillo / Brooklyn Drum Collective interview
46:29 “Tell me” Catty
50:52 "i will not mourn who i was that has gone away" Field Medic
54:18 “Kiss Me” Drew Citron
57:32 // Mic break
58:41 “Faces” Couch Prints
61:45 “Pray” Suuns
66:14 “All Weekend” The Vaughns
70:02 “Streets Of Fire” Secret Stare
73:11 // Outro
75:25 // END.

In this episode, Carlo Minchillo of the Brooklyn Drum Collective joins us to talk about the upcoming record, Live at Our Wicked Lady, featuring Brooklyn bands Power Snap, Catty, Bizarre Sharks, and True Dreams, recorded July 19, 2019 (check out our photos/recap from that show!). Ahead of the October 16th release, we talk about the record, the bands, the show captured in the record, and more about all things Brooklyn music and beyond. We check out two tracks from the live record, and then fill out the episode with some other new releases from the week.

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