The Music Digest for October 19 / with Pop Can Records + DWY

Premiere DateOct 19, 2020
Categories Indie Music Rock
00:00 Sponsor + intro
01:51 “Illegales” Jarina De Marco, Dylan Brady
04:19 // Pop Can Records / Sound the Alarm: Patrick Morrissey + Jesse Schuster
12:54 “American Pie” Ill Peach
15:41 // Pop Can Records / Sound the Alarm: DWY
21:29 “Black Boy” DWY
24:50 // mic break
25:37 “If You Want It” Benjamin Lazar Davis
30:01 “Worry” Sleeping Loops
32:40 “Suited” Coco Reilly
36:01 “Second Sight” Buck Meek
39:55 “Take Your Time” Pearl Charles
43:37 “Erik” Flowers
45:53 // mic break
47:12 “Unsolicited Advice” Mise En Scene
50:39 “YOURE SO COOL” Grey Factor
56:12 “Stay There” Mourn
58:47 “Mossblerd” Bartees Strange
60:14 “Molecules” EX OH
62:37 “BREATHE (feat. Jerusalem in My Heart)” SUUNS
65:08 // outro
67:13 // end.

In this episode, we take a look at Sound The Alarm, Vol. 1: Louder Feelingsa compilation album of political, social justice & protest songs out October 21 from the new LA-based label/collective Pop Can Records. We’ll hear three tracks from the release – including a premiere of the Ill Peach track that opens the album, and speak with label founders/artists Patrick Morrissey and Jesse Schuster, as well as DWY, whose song “Black Boy” was one of the first singles released from the collection. 

Beyond that, we’ve got new singles and album tracks from Benjamin Lazar Davis, Sleeping Loops, Coco Reilly, Buck Meek, Pearl Charles, Flowers, Mise En Scene, Grey Factor, Mourn, Bartees Strange, EX OH, and Suuns.

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