The Music Digest for July 25, 2020

Premiere DateJul 25, 2020
Categories Indie Music Rock
00:00 // Sponsor + Intro
01:19 “Milk” (feat Barrie) Psymon Spine
05:30 “In The Summer” Lotion Princess
09:42 “Lanolin” PAINT
12:49 “I See Horizons” Jerry David DeCicca
17:18 // mic break
18:29 “Leaving” katie dey
22:26 “Francesco” london Plane
26:49 “Wishing Well” Mike Polizze
30:18 “Done With Drugs” The Dirty Nil
33:47 “The Signal” TWINS
37:35 // mic break
38:23 “Forecast Of Rain” Bob Mould
40:47 “Nobody” DEHD
43:29 “Stay Close” The Heart Of The Sun
46:57 “no more tears” otta
50:38 “Root and Crown” Young Jesus
53:19 “Grey Skies” Kate Bollinger
56:01 “I Wanna Lose “ L.A. Witch
60:00 // outro
61:53 // END.

This week we’re checking out a bunch of great new singles and album tracks, so let’s get right to it – featuring music from Psymon Spine, Lotion Princess, PAINT, Jerry David DeCicca, Katie Dey, London Plane, Mike Polizze, The Dirty Nil, TWINS, Bob Mould, DEHD, The Heart Of The Sun, otta, Young Jesus, Kate Bollinger, and L.A. Witch.

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