The Music Digest for August 22, 2020

Premiere DateAug 22, 2020
Categories Indie Music Rock
00:00 // Sponsor + Intro
01:08 “Rot” Allegra Krieger
04:12 “For Props” Yves Jarvis
07:45 “The Boyfriend” George McFall
10:29 “Mask of Yesterday” Deradoorian
14:26 “Baby Let's Make It Real” Eels
18:14 // mic break
19:02 “Judgement Day” CR and The Nones
21:39 “May” Lupin
25:23 “Moon” Xanthe Alexis
29:29 “Sputter” Pine Barons
34:09 “With Every Love Lost” Stephen Chopek
37:14 “Running Into You” The Cribs
40:04 // mic break
41:11 “Let's Hang Out” Wife Patrol
45:18 “Model Village” IDLES
49:11 “Complicated Faith” The Dead Milkmen
52:30 “Whatever” Double Grave
56:44 // outro
58:34 // END.

As we head towards Fall, there’s just more and more new music coming out way. Get ready for singles and album tracks from Allegra Krieger, George McFall, Eels, CR and the Nones, Pine Barons, The Cribs, IDLES, Double Grave, and more!

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