The Music Digest for August 15, 2020

Premiere DateAug 15, 2020
Categories Indie Music Rock
00:00 // Sponsor + Intro
01:23 “Baby No More” Anjimile
04:06 “The Ghost” Drug Couple
07:33 “Moon Shots” Merce Lemon
09:59 “Heartbeat” Oceanator
13:43 // mic break
14:41 “little raptures” Zaliza
22:13 “Men Who Taught Me Chords” Grant Pavol
25:06 “Green Pillow” Harley Alexander
27:14 “I Want To Change” Nana Adjoa
31:49 “End Of The Day” The Cradle
38:06 “Dear” Jaye Bartell
41:05 // mic break
42:35 “Big, Big Friend” Cheekface
44:59 “Horse Cow Goat Pig Dog” LAMPS
47:30 “Summertime” Drew Citron
50:44 “Horse Trotting, the Feet Not Touching the Ground” Knot
54:31 “Kiss On The Forehead” Yankee Bluff
58:26 “White City, Black World” Michael Damani
61:26 // outro
63:50 // end.

It’s a big one this week, with new singles from Anjimile, Drug Couple, Oceanator, Zaliza, Kairos Creature Club, Grant Pavol, Nana Adjoa, Cheekface, LAMPS, Drew Citron, Yankee Bluff, Michael Damani, and more new tunes!

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