The Music Digest for August 1, 2020

Premiere DateAug 1, 2020
Categories Indie Music Rock
00:00 // Sponsor + Intro
01:25 “Mustang” Bartees Strange
05:19 “Picture of You “ Madeline Kenney
09:16 “Green” Delicate Steve
11:26 “Those Eyes” Merce Lemon
13:49 “Wiesner's First Light” Chance Wiesner
16:01 // mic break
16:54 “Atopos” Agent bla
20:06 “Projector” Ganser
23:06 “Bad Animation” The Next Great American Novelist
27:12 “This Chaos, That Feeling” Liza Anne
30:43 “Dirt” Suburban Living
34:44 “Plum” Widowspeak
39:04 “Super Manticore” Milk For The Angry.
41:52 // mic break
43:07 “Cover Your Eyes” Jonathan Bree
46:20 “black fantasy dream” Nyallah
54:24 “Glad You Stayed” Hoops
57:20 “Guaranteed” Jordana
59:57 “Hope” Snowgoose
63:24 // outro
64:39 // end.

The new music for Summer and Fall keeps coming – we’ve got singles from Bartees Strange, Madeline Kenney, Delicate Steve, Merce Lemon, Agent Blå, Ganser, The Next Great American Novelist, Suburban Living, Widowspeak, Sam Tudor, Hoops, as well as album tracks from Chance Wiesner, Liza Anne, Milk For The Angry. Jonathan Bree, Nyallah, Jordana, and Snowgoose on the show!

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