Episode #125

Premiere DateSep 12, 2015
Categories Indie Music Rock
00:00 Mic Break
06:20 Lightsabre Cocksucking Blues Mclusky
08:11 Mic Break
11:15 Cameras Women
12:16 Mic Break
17:58 Freak Scene Dinosaur Jr
21:28 Mic Break
26:37 Tripoli Pinback
31:01 Mic Break
36:40 Farewell Transmission Songs: Ohia
43:57 Mic Break
53:00 Seasickness Pills (Demo) Drink Up Buttercup
56:30 Mic Break
60:15 Seasickness Pills Drink Up Buttercup
64:18 Mic Break
72:45 I'm Ready Royal Trux
76:45 Finish

Hello, Music Digest fans! This week’s edition is a very special one indeed… DJ Patrick K and Matt, your other host, discuss some of their favorite album-opening tracks of ALL-TIME! It’s a fascinating glimpse into the minds of a couple of true music maniacs!

Mclusky – Mclusky Do Dallas

Women – Women

Pinback – Pinback

Dinosaur Jr – Bug

Songs Ohia – Magnolia Electric Co

Drink Up Buttercup – Born and Thrown on a Hook

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