The Music Digest

Premiere DateFeb 28, 2015
Categories Indie Music Rock
00:00 Mic Break
04:38 Friendship Pops Staples
08:34 Mic Break
14:02 Stay in the Summer WEED
16:56 Mic Break
23:35 Beach Palberta
26:36 Mic Break
31:22 T.R.U.E.L.O.V.E. Kane West
35:59 Mic Break
40:19 i took a walk Ruth Garbus
42:09 Mic Break
52:20 Bruising Can't You Feel
55:22 Mic Break
62:57 Go Light Good Horsey
67:37 Finish

This week on the Music Digest: Pops Staples, WEED, Palberta, Kane West, Ruth Garbus, and Bruising!

Pop Staples – Don’t Lose This

WEED – Running Back

Palberta – Shitheads in the Ditch

Folie Douce Records – Colder Confessions

Ruth Garbus – Joules

Beech Coma Volume 3

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