The Music Digest

Premiere DateNov 15, 2014
Categories Indie Music Rock
00:00 Patrick K and Matt
02:19 2.AM[N][WTT] Knxwledge
04:09 Patrick K and Matt
08:12 The Sound of Rain The Go-Betweens
11:20 Patrick K and Matt
17:11 84' lee
18:58 Patrick K and Matt
23:49 7 Chris Weisman
25:43 Patrick K and Matt
32:01 Travellin' Strange Labryyynth
34:32 Patrick K and Matt
38:53 Mystery Scab Miserable Chillers
41:13 Patrick K and Matt
46:50 Winter on Victoria Street The Clientele
49:36 Frozen Paradise Chad VanGaalen
53:56 Wind and Snow Grouper
58:27 Finish

Today Patrick K and Matt react to songs from Miserable Chillers, Lee, Chris Weisman, Knxwledge, Labryyynth and the Go Betweens

Hexual Sealings Prt 7.5 art


Box set art

The Go Betweens

( u _ u ) art

Lee (asano+ryuhei)

press photo

Chris Weisman

Labryyynth art


Chateau Gallego art

Miserable Chillers

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