The Music Digest

Premiere DateNov 1, 2014
Categories Indie Music Rock
00:00 Theme from the Music Digest
00:36 Matt and Patrick K
02:24 Demons Leporids
04:44 Patrick K and Matt
10:33 What It’s Worth Black Milk
15:18 Matt and Patrick K
21:01 Кружева gripkompote
23:51 Patrick K and Matt
28:43 ’94 Fuck Em Totems
31:33 Matt and Patrick K
37:11 Nightmare Crushing Love
39:54 Patrick K and Matt
45:14 Death Under Rainbows Pt. 1 Dan Phelps
47:56 Matt and Patrick K
54:24 Bag of Bones TunaBunny
57:53 Finish

Today Patrick K and Matt react to songs from Leporids, Black Milk, Gripkompote, Totems, Crushing Love and Dan Phelps

EP art


If There’s A Hell Below art

Black Milk

Печальный пассажир art


The Dream Is Over art


Sent While Offline

Crushing Love

Death Under Rainbows

Dan Phelps

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