The Music Digest

Premiere DateSep 20, 2014
Categories Indie Music Rock
00:00 Patrick K and Latola
03:17 Come to Harm Treehouse
05:26 Patrick K and Latola
11:05 Grolias Step bugseed.
13:36 Patrick K and Latola
19:24 Crazy Radiance Hamish Kilgour
22:02 Patrick K and Latola
28:36 In the House of Yes Mr. Twin Sister
35:15 Patrick K and Latola
41:25 Aue Tueng Pi Aay Mi Yu Laue Naang Naang
45:01 Patrick K and Latola
49:00 Track Three Pyramid Vritra
51:19 Patrick K and Latola
61:40 Driving My Car Dicktations
67:38 Finish

In today’s all-new-and-better-than-ever edition of the Music Digest, Patrick K and Latola are react to songs from Treehouse, bugseed, Hamish Kilgour, Mr. Twin Sister, Nang Nang and Pyramid Vritra.

Gathering The Dreams


Some Foods art


All Of It And Nothing art
Hamish Kilgour
Mr. Twin Sister art

Mr. Twin Sister

Le’ Ywei Sin Tei Mya

Naang Naang


Pyramid Vritra

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