The Music Digest

Premiere DateJul 19, 2014
Categories Indie Music Rock
00:00 Mic Break
02:52 My My Reigning Sound
06:05 Mic Break
12:51 The Poet Natural Velvet
17:43 Mic Break
21:43 Fruit Markaria Rho
24:45 Mic Break
30:11 Clue Juice Mannequin Pussy
31:28 Mic Break
37:26 Bedroom Pop Bad Cs
40:55 Mic Break
45:28 Televan Ed Schrader's Music Beat
46:48 Mic Break
52:10 Shut the Fuck Up Buck Biloxi and the Fucks
53:36 Finish

Today we’re doing exclusive, in-depth coverage of new tracks from The Reigning Sound, Natural Velvet, Markaria Rho, Mannequin Pussy, Bad Cs, and Ed Schrader’s Music Beat! Enjoy!

Reigning Sound – Shattered

Natural Velvet – Shame

Markaria Rho – Fun

Mannequin Pussy – Gypsy Pervert

Bad Cs – Bedroom Pop

Ed Schrader’s Music Beat – Party Jail

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