The Music Digest

Premiere DateJul 5, 2014
Categories Indie Music Rock
00:00 Patrick K and Latola
03:05 Summer Vacation Failed Flowers
04:46 Patrick K and Latola
09:25 Power Breaks TunaBunny
13:59 Patrick K and Latola
23:49 Sleeptalker TOPS
26:13 Patrick K and Latola
32:40 Water Juan Wauters
35:55 Patrick K and Latola
38:59 Hide From The Sun GOAT
42:36 Patrick K and Latola
48:39 Silver Gene Wilderness
52:53 Patrick K and Latola
60:23 Dog Burial Theme Dicktations
64:00 Finish

It’s another sonically scintillating edition of the Music Digest on BTR! Songs you need to hear by Failed Flowers, TunaBunny, TOPS, Juan Wauters, GOAT, Wilderness and Dicktations!

(Patrick K and Latola sit in a Conversation Chair like this in the BTR Studio while they digest music)

picture from Soundcloud

Failed Flowers w/ “Summer Vacation”

Kingdom Technology art

TunaBunny w/ “Power Breaks”

Sleeptalker art

TOPS w/ “Sleeptalker”

N.A.P. North American Poetry art

Juan Wauters w/ “Water”

Commune art

GOAT w/ “Hide From The Sun”


Dicktations w/ “Dog Burial Theme”

k(no)w(here) art

Wilderness w/ “Silver Gene”

Patrick K. and Latola have co-hosted BTR's The Music Digest since April 2013. Learn more about Patrick K. and Latola.