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Premiere DateJun 1, 2013
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00:00 Intro
00:37 Mic Break
06:31 Gun Scout Niblett
11:18 Mic Break
17:20 Second Chance Dreams Scout Niblett
21:53 Mic Break
24:15 No Scrubs Scout Niblett
27:23 Mic Break
28:32 My Man Scout Niblett
33:05 Mic Break
37:13 Can't Fool Me Now Scout Niblett
43:22 Mic Break
48:02 What Can I Do Scout Niblett
54:39 Finish

The Music Digest
DJs Pat, Matt, and Margaret

It’s Up to Emma is minimalist English singer and songwriter Scout Niblett’s seventh release to date. Perhaps one of her most lush records, the LP came out on Drag City on May 21st. The album chronicles the phases of loss and coping in the aftermath of a failed relationship, weaving aggressive reverby guitar with lush string arrangements for a grungy, strong, and personal collection of songs.

It’s Up to Emma

1. Gun
2. Can’t Fool Me Now
3. My Man
4. Second Chance Dreams
5. Woman And Man
6. All Night Long
7. No Scrubs
8. Could This Possibly Be?
9. What Can I Do?

Scout Niblett (photo from Scout Niblett)
June 1 – Kampnagel – Hamburg, Germany
June 3 – Volksbuhne – Berlin, Germany
June 4 – Cafe Steinbruch – Duisburg, Germany
June 5 – Manufaktur – Schhorndorf, Germany
June 6 – Botanique – Brussels, Belgium
June 8 – Point Ephemere – Paris, France
June 9 – Museum Ludwig – Cologne, Germany
June 11 – Strom – Munich, Germany
June 12 – Chelsea – Vienna, Austria

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