The Music Digest

Premiere DateMay 31, 2014
Categories Indie Music Rock
00:00 Patrick K and Latola
01:15 Castaway Curtis Harding
04:47 Patrick K and Latola
09:41 The Ferryman Total Control
12:24 Patrick K and Latola
17:08 Xtalk Hundred Waters
20:57 Patrick K and Latola
25:57 Positive Feedback Radar Eyes
28:12 Patrick K and Latola
34:19 Strange Dreams Mold Boy
37:29 Patrick K and Latola
41:23 Gold Laces (live) Monagamy
44:44 Patrick K and Latola
50:54 Passage Downtown Bad Cs
55:32 Finish

Today Patrick and K Latola digest songs from Curtis Harding, Total Control, Hundred Waters, Radar Eyes, Mold Boy and Monagamy

(“Soul Power” art)

Curtis Harding

(“Typical System” art)

Total Control

(“The Moon Rang Like A Bell” art)

Hundred Waters

(“Fade” art)

Mold Boy

(“Positive Reinforcement 7″ ” art)

Radar Eyes

(“R.I.P. Mundungus Cave” art)


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