The Music Digest

Premiere DateApr 26, 2014
Categories Indie Music Rock
00:00 Greetings, from the Music Digest
04:06 Molecule Obnox
06:38 Digesting Obnox
12:39 The Sleep Walker Jesse Futerman
14:56 Digesting Jesse Futerman
20:52 A Swallow in the Sun EELS
24:22 Digesting EELS
31:37 Bad Trip Secret Cities
34:00 Digesting Secret Cities
40:32 Liar Royal Trux
43:19 Digesting Royal Trux
48:36 Crater Head Crater
52:16 Digesting Crater
57:04 Bears His Name Is Alive
61:19 Finish

On today’s episode, esteemed DJs Lehtola and Patrick K digest tunes from Obnox, Jesse Futerman, EELS, Secret Cities, Royal Trux, and Crater! And boy oh boy, do they have a lot to say about them!

Obnox – Louder Space

Jesse Futerman – Hidden Basement

EELS – The Cautionary Tales of Mark Oliver Everett

Secret Cities – Bad Trip

Royal Trux – Accelerator

Crater – Crater Head

Patrick K. and Latola have co-hosted BTR's The Music Digest since April 2013. Learn more about Patrick K. and Latola.