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Premiere DateMar 22, 2014
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00:36 Discussion
07:01 Mother is a Misanthrope Shilpa Ray
12:12 Discussion
17:01 I Is What I Is Shilpa Ray
19:55 Discussion
27:00 Posted by Anonymous Shilpa Ray
31:17 Discussion
38:23 Letters from Lorena Shilpa Ray
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The Music Digest
DJs Pat, Matt, and Margaret

Though a short album, Shipa Ray’s It’s All Self Fellatio EP, released on October 21st, covers lots of ground in it’s four tracks. Her velvet voice, full of expression, ties together musical shifts as the instrumentation touches upon several different genres including blues, motown, punk, and indie rock. The EP came about as a request from Nick Cave, who she toured with last year. He recognized her talent and so do we. Tune in to hear more.

Shilpa Ray (photo from Shilpa Ray)

It’s All Self Fellatio EP
1. I Is What I Is
2. Mother Is a Misanthrope
3. Posted by Anonymous
4. Lessons from Lorena

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