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Premiere DateMar 1, 2014
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00:00 Intro
00:36 Discussion
09:28 Pirate Bay Cheveu
13:02 Discussion
19:08 Polonia Cheveu
25:16 Discussion
31:53 Madame Pompidou Cheveu
35:16 Discussion
41:41 Johnny Hurry Up Cheveu
47:02 Finish

The Music Digest
DJs Pat, Matt, and Margaret

Today we review BUM, the third LP from the French band Cheveu. The album, released February 6th by Born Bad, is a bit of a musical rollercoaster. The band takes everything with a grain of salt, adding a good dose of humor to an eclectic mix of different genres. Musically proficient, Cheveu offers a slew of surprises, great grooves, and a large collection of variations on rock, synth-punk, and more. This band is not to be categorized in any certain way; they’re definitely unique. Tune in for more.

(photo from Cheveu)
March 1 – 6PAR4 – Laval, France
March 7 – L’Atabal – Biarritz, France
March 18 – West Germany – Berlin, Germany
March 21 – La Citrouille – Saint Brieuc, France
March 22 – Le Hangar – Paris, France
March 26 – Le Marche Gare – Lyon, France
April 25 – BOOTLEG – Bordeaux, France

1. Pirate Bay
2. Slap and Shot
3. Polonia
4. Juan in a Million
5. Stadium
6. Albinos
7. Madame Pompidou
8. Monsieur Perrier
9. Blood and Gore
10. Johnny Hurry up

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