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Premiere DateFeb 8, 2014
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00:36 Discussion
06:11 Boom Pow Awesome Wow The Traps
08:33 Discussion
16:20 Mr. H The Traps
18:45 Discussion
24:56 Missed the Mark The Traps
27:38 Discussion
34:39 Beer Piñata The Traps
38:19 Finish

The Music Digest
DJs Pat, Matt, and Margaret

Today we talk about the new old album, Boom Pow Awesome Wow, from the circa 2003-2004 band The Traps. John Dwyer toured with The Traps when they were still together. He recently salvaged old demo CDrs and cassettes to put together this LP, which he released on January 18th via his label Castle Face. The Providence band long broke up, but their hard-hitting, loud and aggressive take on garage rock lives on through this release.

No photo or tour dates from The Traps

Boom Pow Awesome Wow
1. Boom Pow Awesome Wow
2. All Night
3. Mr. H
4. Missed The Mark
5. Illinois
6. Get Up
7. Busalo
8. I Can’t Handle That
9. How Long?
10. Beer Piñata

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