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Premiere DateDec 7, 2013
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00:36 Discussion
09:07 Somewhere Between Here and Nowhere The Black Hollies
12:07 Discussion
22:28 Benevolent Beacon The Black Hollies
26:54 Discussion
36:42 Lunatic Influenza Pt. I : Yesterday's Sorrows The Black Hollies
39:44 Lunatic Influenza Pt. II : Take Me As I Am The Black Hollies
44:54 Lunatic Influenza Pt. III : PATH Into The Sun The Black Hollies
47:43 Finish

The Music Digest
DJs Pat, Matt, and Margaret

Today we break down Somewhere Between Here And Nowhere, the newest release from The Black Hollies. Released on October 22nd by Ernest Jenning Records, the album is the New Jersey band’s fourth release, arriving four years after their last LP. Justin Morey, the lead vocalist has spent many years working with sound production, and it really shows on this release. Lush ethereal soundscapes create a wall of sound layered with fuzz pedals, antique organs, and more, mimicking nostalgic elements in psych rock rock.

The Black Hollies (photo from The Black Hollies)
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Somewhere Between Here And Nowhere
1. No Illusion
2. Unless It’s My Imagination
3. Benevolent Beacon
4. Daydreams
5. Somewhere Between Here And Nowhere
6. When It’s Time To Come Down
7. Forwards And Backwards
8. Here Come The Rain
9. Where Do We Go From Here
10. Wake Me When It’s Over
11. Lunatic Influenza Pt. I: Yesterday’s Sorrows
12. Lunatic Influenza Pt. II: Take Me As I Am
13. Lunatic Influenza Pt. III: PATH Into The Sun

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