The Music Digest #31: Blood Orange

Premiere DateNov 23, 2013
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00:37 Discussion
04:54 No Right Thing Blood Orange
08:58 Discussion
17:00 Chamakay Blood Orange
21:15 Dicussion
28:59 Uncle Ace Blood Orange
33:12 Discussion
44:25 Time Will Tell Blood Orange
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The Music Digest
DJs Pat, Matt, and Margaret

This week we review Cupid Deluxe, an impressive new effort from seasoned producer Devonte Hynes. This is Hynes’ second LP under the moniker Blood Orange, but he has released other music through the bands Test Icicles and Lightspeed Champion. Hynes is the also the songwriting and production force behind Solange’s album True and Sky Ferreira’s hit “Everything is Embarrassing.” Cupid Deluxe, released on Domino Records on November 14, is a compositional tour-de-force that somehow remains very modern while touching upon the nostalgia of Prince, the ’80s, and R&B -among other elements.

Blood Orange (photo from Blood Orange)
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Cupid Deluxe
1. Chamakay
2. You’re Not Good Enough
3. Uncle Ace
4. No Right Thing
5. It Is What It Is
6. Chosen
7. Clipped On
8. Always Let U Down
9. On The Line
10. High Street
11. Time Will Tell

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