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Premiere DateNov 9, 2013
Categories Indie Music Rock
00:00 Intro
00:37 Mic Break
07:04 Wngs Knxwledge
08:51 Mic Break
14:03 WhenevrUreadi Knxwledge
16:32 Mic Break
18:55 Ovrkookies Knxwledge
20:24 Mic Break
24:50 Yewdidnt[Didnthveto] Knxwledge
28:02 Mic Break
13:45 Rekon Knxwledge
37:39 Mic Break
42:56 Frailure[Opnop] Knxwledge
44:51 Finish

The Music Digest
DJs Pat, Matt, and Margaret

Today we’re reviewing Kauliflowr, the second official LP release from master beatmaker Glen Booth, aka Knxwledge. The record came out on October 14th through the Dublin label All City, which distributed his debut album. Though he only has two official LPs under his belt, Knxwledge has over 50 unofficial releases, along with a self-proclaimed collection of over 500,000 beats. A sample master, this is what this dude loves to do. He focuses on throwback, classic stuff. The album comes off as a bit disjointed, but with some incredibly satisfying moments.

Knxwledge (photo from Knxwledge)
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1. Wngs
2. OnToMe
3. 3Koin[S]
4. Burninop
5. [jst]ForYew
6. WhenevrUreadi
7. Ovrkookies
8. Yewdidnt[Didnthveto]
9. LastsFurst
10. Frailure[Opnop]
11. Rekon
12. Sadniss[Vmpd]
13. Kloud6
14. Komo_Te.Amo
15. SgndOff
16. KntBear
17. Sew.Into.Yew
18. Lehtgo[Doit]

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