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Premiere DateSep 21, 2013
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00:00 Intro
00:37 Mic Break
07:56 Dance Away Your Ego Jonathan Rado
10:57 Mic Break
15:09 Seven Horses Jonathan Rado
18:17 Mic Break
26:14 Hand In Mine Jonathan Rado
29:46 Mic Break
33:25 Pot of Gold Jonathan Rado
37:58 Finish

The Music Digest
DJs Pat, Matt, and Margaret

Today we review the debut solo album from Jonathan Rado, one of the lead members of Foxygen. Law and Order, an ambitious production, was released on September 3rd by Woodsist Records. Rado covers a variety of genres including soul, funk, garage rock, 60s psychedelia, country folk, and noise in the LP, giving a new twist to classic compositions. The albums, experimental at points, is a great display of his musical range and prowess in production.

Jonathan Rado (photo from Jonathan Rado)
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Law and Order
1. Seven Horses
2. Hand In Mine
3. Looking 4a Girl Like U
4. Dance Away Your Ego
5. I Wood
6. Faces
7. Oh, Suzanna!
8. All the Lights Went Out In Georgia
9. I Wanna Feel It Now!!!
10. Would You Always Be At Home?
11. Law & Order
12. Pot Of Gold

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