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Premiere DateAug 10, 2013
Categories Indie Music Rock
00:00 Intro
00:38 Mic Break
03:13 Time Was Update Counter Intuits
05:26 Mic Break
08:49 Sense of Urgency Counter Intuits
10:32 Mic Break
12:36 Rarefied Air Counter Intuits
15:02 Mic Break
19:23 Non Essential Personnel - Counter Intuits
21:35 Mic Break
26:20 No Computer Blues Counter Intuits
29:08 Mic Break
33:48 Anarchy on yr Face Counter Intuits
35:06 Mic Break
36:39 Stickin Pins Counter Intuits
40:28 Mic Break
42:13 Oxycontin Martyrs Counter Intuits
43:02 Mic Break
46:33 Neo Confederate Cred Pts 2 + 1 Counter Intuits
51:49 Mic Break
53:14 Lather and the Din Counter Intuits
55:24 Finish

The Music Digest
DJs Pat, Matt, and Margaret

Today we review the debut album by Counter Intuits, a collaborative project from two great Ohio musicians, Ron House (Great Plains, Thomas Jefferson Slave Apartments, Psandwich) and Jared Phillips (Times New Viking.) Either called Sheets of Hits or self-titled, the record was released in January and offers skilled diy lo-fi production and an array of interesting sounds and sentiments.

Counter IntuitsSheets of Hits
1. Time Was Update
2. Girl from Eaton
3. Anarchy on yr Face
4. Stickin Pins
5. Sense of Urgency
6. Oxycontin Martyrs
7. No Computer Blues
8. Stolen Souls
9. Non-Essential Personnel
10. Rarefied Air
11. Study Hall Art
12. Neo Confederate Cred. Pts. 2 + 1
13. Lather and the Din

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