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Premiere DateJul 27, 2013
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00:00 Intro
00:38 Mic Break
03:40 New Forest (Five Heads of the Sun) Candy Claws
06:58 Mic Break
10:00 Transitional Bird (Clever Girl) Candy Claws
14:22 Mic Break
17:12 Into the Deep Time (One Sun) Candy Claws
20:12 Mic Break
25:20 Fell in Love (At the Water) Candy Claws
29:15 Mic Break
33:32 Birth of the Flower Seagreen - Candy Claws
37:14 Mic Break
41:18 Pangea Girls (Magic Feeling) Candy Claws
44:27 Mic Break
48:47 Fallen Tree Brigade (Brave Rainbow Rider) Candy Claws
52:14 Mic Break
53:24 Night Ela (Mystic Thing) Candy Claws
58:26 Finish

Today we review Ceres and Calypso in the Deep Time, the third LP from the Colorado band Candy Claws. The album is a musical mythical journey that weaves dream pop, psych, shoegaze and several other musical elements with the epic story of a seal-like beast and a human as they travel through the Mesozoic Era. This concept album is lush and full of warm summer vibes.

Candy Claws (photo from Candy Claws)
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Ceres & Calypso in the Deep Time
1. Into the Deep Time (One Sun)
2. White Seal (Shell & Spine)
3. Fell in Love (At the Water)
4. Pangea Girls (Magic Feeling)
5. New Forest (Five Heads of the Sun)
6. Transitional Bird (Clever Girl)
7. Fern Prairie (Charade)
8. Fallen Tree Brigade (Brave Rainbow Rider)
9. Birth of the Flower (Seagreen)
10. Fern Lake (Illusion)
11. Night Ela (Mystic Thing)
12. Where I Found You (One Star)

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