Episode #148

Premiere DateFeb 20, 2016
Categories Indie Music Rock
00:00 Mic Break
07:48 Dye Hair (Never Feel Real) Angel
10:24 Mic Break
16:08 Keep It Nasty Filthy McNasty~Ben Buck
18:45 Mic Break
24:43 4U HOOPS
26:23 Mic Break
32:32 Unsatisfied Peasantry
35:39 Mic Break
41:59 No Reaction Drug Pizza
45:26 Mic Break
50:13 Sober Et Aliae (Feat. D∆WN)
54:38 Mic Break
60:20 Outro
62:40 Track 01 GUM
64:26 Finish

This week, the Digest Crew chews on new tunes from Angel, Filthy McNasty/Ben Buck, HOOPS, Peasantry, Drug Pizza, and Et Aliae!

Angel – Dye Hair

The BRB Tour ATX -> NYC


Peasantry – Pesanté

Drug Pizza – Return to Content Mountain

et aliae – Sober

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