Episode #146

Premiere DateFeb 6, 2016
Categories Indie Music Rock
00:00 Mic Break
05:21 color inpour cat soup
07:34 Mic Break
11:55 Make Me Promise Gun Outfit
13:27 Mic Break
17:30 Lola Downtown Boys
19:36 Mic Break
24:20 Managerial Material The World
26:22 Mic Break
32:10 Myrtle Wyckoff - LOVE SPREAD
35:34 Mic Break
40:19 Just Chips Pony Time
42:22 Mic Break
49:16 Telephone Bore GSB
52:01 Finish

On this week’s episode, we check out tracks from Cat Soup, Gun Outfit, The World, Downtown Boys, Love Spread, and Pony Time!

Cat Soup – Color Inpour

Gun Outfit – Make Me Promise

Downtown Boys – Full Communism

The World – Managerial Material

Love Spread – Syonara Forever

Pony Time – Rumours 2

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