Episode #136

Premiere DateNov 28, 2015
Categories Indie Music Rock
00:00 Mic Break
04:28 Strawberry Cheesecake (The Dessert) Plajia
08:18 Mic Break
14:04 Stealing Stew DJ Food
16:14 Mic Break
21:11 noE150 Molr Drammaz
23:18 Mic Break
30:21 Cornucopia Mark's Records
34:50 Mic Break
39:16 Burger Driver Hamburger
42:28 Mic Break
48:02 Different Person Now Mr Gravy Boat
50:23 Mic Break
57:46 Rororo Foodman
60:07 Finish

In honor of Thanksgiving, the Music Digest crew has assembled a loving table of wonderful, vaguely food-themed music… Eat up!

Plajia – Piggie Park

DJ Food – Jazz Brakes Vol. 2

Molr Drammaz – Norma’s Food

Mark’s Records – Cornucopia

Hamburger – Let’s Meal

Mr. Gravy Boat – Different Person Now

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