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Premiere DateMay 23, 2015
Categories Indie Music Rock
00:00 Mic Break
06:43 Mountain The Phoenix Foundation
10:00 Mic Break
16:59 Hold Up Inusite Joanna
18:54 Mic Break
26:12 If Only Saun and Starr
29:40 Mic Break
35:54 The Historian Martha
37:51 Mic Break
41:41 Cuban Cigar The Slackers
44:32 Mic Break
49:56 Momente Future Rock
53:31 Mic Break
60:29 Mistakes Summer Saints
62:18 Finish

It’s another week of (mostly) random Bandcamp best-sellers on this week’s show! We discuss new rock tracks from The Phoenix Foundation (NZ) and Martha (UK), funk and soul from The Slackers (NYC) and Saun and Starr (NYC), hip-hop from Future Rock (Germany), and classic French pop from Joanna (Belgium). It’s a truly thrilling ride, so buckle up!

The Phoenix Foundation – Give Up Your Dreams


Saun and Starr – Look Closer

Martha – Split 7″ (w/ Benny the Jet Rodriguez)

The Slackers – Better Late Than Never

Future Rock – E1ns EP

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