The double headed monster 2019 recap, with JLM! Part 2!

Premiere DateDec 21, 2019
Categories Indie Music Rock
00:00 / Sponsor + Intro
01:11 // Are you spying on me?
05:07 /“Adulthood” Very Good
11:14 // Like a one man Beatles?
13:22 “Calion” Anna Meredith
18:23 // Sci fi polyrhythm
20:35 “Mr. Polydactyl Cat” Levitation Room
24:03 // They just have more love to give
27:19 “The future Prospects of your Ego” The High Dials
30:33 // Why am I talking about Cheekface again?
34:28 “Shoulder” Black Marble
38:33 // It’s just nice and pleasant
40:11 “Show Me More” Girl Ray
43:31 // It was all you
46:25 “Funny Feelings” FRANKIIE
49:54 // It just kinda fits a vibe
52:59 “Everyone in the room” Hana Vu
56:12 // I think she’s just really talented.
58:50 “In The Morning” Long Beard
61:32 // Picking sides with vinyl
67:48 “Courtney” The Paranoyds
70:29 // New to me but...
73:58 // OUTRO!
74:37 // END.

J returns to the show – all the way from Austin! In this two-part mega-episode, we’re catching up on the music he missed in the months since departing the show (and, ultimately, NYC).

As we continue our adventure through the tracks that J missed, we hit new music from Very Good, Anna Meredith, Levitation Room, The High Dials, Black Marble, Girl Ray, FRANKIIE, Hana Vu, Long Beard, and The Paranoyds!

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