Still in a post-Jerry world, with Lottie!

Premiere DateSep 14, 2019
Categories Indie Music Rock
00:00 // Sponsor + Intro
01:21 // Get a visit from jerry
06:03 “Digger” Great Grandpa
10:41 // They’re gonna be huge
14:57 “Sawtooth (I’ve Been Wrong Before)” Getaway Dogs
20:07 // Chill cali vibes
21:27 “Channel Zero” Kate Clover
25:13 // punk vibes
27:50 “Temporary Love” Shadow Monster
30:23 // Aggressive acousticyness
34:07 “Rest Stop” Amy O
36:41 // Caressing the earholes
40:10 // Time for Lottie to plug!
44:35 “Light Speed >” Matt Valentine
47:59 so cosmic
51:15 “Rex” Essen
54:19 // these are the real things
57:03 // thank you for being had / outro
57:40 END

Week two of the post-JLM version of The Music Digest continues with one of our favorite frequent guests: BTRtoday music director, Lottie Leymarie! Dive in for a good time full of new singles from Great Grandpa, Getaway Dogs, Kate Clover, Shadow Monster, Amy O, Matt Valentine, and Essen, then hop on over and check out Lottie’s recent Spotlight On The City: Knoxville, Tennessee when you’re done!

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