Singles, Twitter Submissions, and Album Tracks

Premiere DateJun 13, 2020
Categories Indie Music Rock
00:00 // Sponsor + Intro
01:10 “Extra Introvert” DOTT
04:14 “Good Eye” Hockey Dad
08:07 “Reaktor” Helvetia
09:52 “Lost” Lionel Boy
14:47 // Mic break
15:43 “Body Rock” Future Punx
19:31 “Waist remix” Black Grapefruit
22:56 “Brian” JOBS
28:24 “Peace Lily” LA Priest
30:21 “In The Black” Divine Interface
34:35 // Mic break
36:10 “Let’s Go To War” Katie Malco
41:59 “On With The Show” Owen
46:00 “Fall Apart” Discovery Zone
49:01 “Wage Slave” Psychic Shakes
52:16 // Mic break
53:16 “Programmed To Go On” Transport for whales
58:14 “Hollering” Kyetoba
62:00 “Harvest feat. Itasca” Modern Nature
65:05 “In Reverse” We Versus The Shark
68:57 // outro
70:42 // END.

This week the show is overloaded with new music! Singles from DOTT, Hockey Dad, Lionel Boy, Black Grapefruit, JOBS,  and Psychic Shakes plus album tracks from Helvetia, Future Punx, LA Priest, Divine Interface, Katie Malco, Owen Discovery Zone, and Modern Nature, along with some great Twitter submissions from Transport for Whales and Kyetoba!

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