Professional Music Things, with Travis Harrison!

Premiere DateNov 2, 2019
Categories Indie Music Rock
00:00 // Sponsor + Intro
01:28 // Travis Harrison, rockist.
11:01 “Only a Traveler” Itasca
14:40 // Itascasized
18:01 “Sunset By Plane” Anamanaguchi
22:40 // A lot of involuntary movement
30:22 “Sun And Air” Bel Aviv
34:08 // Breakup beach songs
40:40 “Night Flight To Kabul” mark lanegan
44:06 // Come get your crap
56:05 “Heavenly” cigarettes after sex
60:42 // Bedroom noir
65:16 “Fire” mikal cronin
69:45 // Rock n roll hall of fame?
75:58 // outro
76:36 // End.

This week’s guest is Travis Harrison, head honcho of Serious Business Music, the amazing engineer behind our BTR Live Studio sessions, and the producer behind the recent Guided By Voices records. We talk about all sorts of nonsense, shout out musicians named Max, and check out new music from Itasca, Anamanaguchi, Bel aviv, Mark Lanegan, Cigarettes After Sex, and Mikal Cronin.

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